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Time’s new album Newstalgia is OUT!

The album consists of 18 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists like: Katie Gold, Kit Richardson, K. Raydio, Lonnie ‘Pops’ Lynn, Maudlin Magpie, Giuseppe, Xiu Xiu, Chloe O, Rob Miles, Chris Barron, Jason Horodyski, Kate Warner, and Nonnahs. Productions from: Akira The Don, Torley, Budo, Giuseppe, Tall City, Satyre, Jake One, Factor, Man Mantis, Time, IG88, Ephelant, Doctype, and A Thousand Vows.

I-Tunes: Newstalgia on I-Tunes

OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for Extra Kool’s single “Johnny Depp Swagger” put out by Dirty Laboratory Productions / What’s The Plan Records. Shot and filmed by Bizjack Flemco Productions. Beat by Satyre Harmonica by Chris J’Tot.

Dirty Laboratory Productions

Dirty Laboratory Productions is a music collective composed of AwareNess, Calm., Extra Kool, and Time. Established in 2003…